PhD studentship

The School of Psychology and Neuroscience offers funded PhD studentships. Funding is competitive, the level of funding is partly dependent on your citizenship and UK-residency status. Application requires formal submission via the University of St Andrews. Potential PhD projects under my supervision will be located at the interface between perceptual and cognitive neuroscience using mainly mental chronometry and mathematical modelling as methods. I would be particularly interested in supervising PhD projects that investigate the cognitive architecture underlying human decision making behavior in multisensory settings including audition, vision, and touch; the involvement of basic logical decision gates; as well as sources of variability and history effects in speeded response time tasks. If you are interested in one of these or related topics, please get in contact to discuss a potential application.

Applications are usually due in January for a start date in September.

EastBio PhD studentship

We have a project open within the EastBio doctoral training program sponsored by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). The project will target “The role of sequential effects in multisensory processing: A combined computational modelling and electrophysiology study”. The start date is in autumn 2020. Please get in touch if you like to discuss this opportunity in more detail.

Application due date: 5th January 2020

How to apply…